CyberLink Powerdirector Review

PowerDirector is video editing software from CyberLink and it is bundled with lots of features. CybereLink’s video patents have been used to provide the required unique features to the software. Currently the latest version available of PowerDirector is PowerDirector 11 while people still love the previous PowerDirector 10 version. PowerDirector 11 has lots of changes when it comes to 3D video editing and CyberLink has done some serious changes to get the high sales graph. Let’s have a quick review of the PowerDirector 11 from CyberLink.

With the video director application it also has color director and audio director application. These new applications are only included in the ultimate version of the PowerDirector 11 but Photo directory application is available with Director Suite version. Although there are very few changes in the new version than previous one like 3D compatibility has been introduced in the newer version. PowerDirector 11 gives superb preview of your videos and photos. There are lots of features available to be used to edit any video or photo. You can set contrast, brightness, saturation, white balance, Vibrancy, Hue and also the Exposure. The video with 720 (HD) and 1080 (full HD) resolutions can be easily made with the PowerDirector 11 software which is an additional feature. Apart from video editing you can also edit the picture and audio files that can be combined to make out a perfect movie as a director does. Lots of animations and effects can be used to make changes in videos and pictures.  Audio can be extracted from the video file. This software supports most of the available formats for all video, picture and audio files.

CyberLink Power_director

The new feature in the PowerDirector 11 is the Pip Designer feature which makes the designing of animated videos very simple and easy. Another new feature in this version is that it can be used to create 3D movies and pictures as well. The software is also capable of editing and developing 4K and ultra HD video files. Users can pick about 300,000+ effects from the portal.

This powerful video editing software is available in four different versions.

  • PowerDirector 11 Deluxe – Price $54.99
  • PowerDirector 11 Ultra – Price $79.99
  • PowerDirector 11 Ultimate – Price $114.99
  • PowerDirector 11 Ultimate Suite – Price $214.99

The features and tools this software has make it worth of the price tag it is having. CyberLink has done a great work in building such a powerful tool that can even create 4K and ultra HD content but you need to have 3D and ultra HD compatible system to use these features and rest of the features works on systems that are common these days.

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